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Oliver Hasselluhn

Oliver Hasselluhn - 3D CGI illustrator. Germany

From gorgeous baroque interiors through to the homes and cities of the future, Oliver Hasselluhn’s studio delivers highly detailed, realistic architectural illustration for leading German and global brands. With over 25 years’ experience rendering visionary construction projects, Oliver and his team have the skills, creativity and technology to meet and exceed their client’s brief every time.
Having trained and practiced as an architect, Oliver can step into a project as early as the conceptual design stage and easily grasp its aims and objectives. He can then translate early concepts into outstanding visuals that capture the vision behind the projects and win over investors, stakeholders and the public. Based in Hamburg, Oliver is inspired by the Bauhaus, Italian rationalists such as Giuseppe Terragni, and film directors including Stanley Kubrick and Ridley Scott.


Working mainly with 3ds Max and the latest high-end workstations, Oliver and his team model and construct each scene, then map textures to it and set up the lighting and camera positions. Rendering is usually carried out in V-Ray for a high-quality finish, which will be perfected using Photoshop.


With his CGI approach to architectural visualization, Oliver usually aims for a photorealistic, technical style, but will fine tune the tone and atmosphere of the imagery to suit his client’s aims.


Fluent in English, Germany

Client list

Oliver’s clients include Hapag Lloyd, Deutsche Bahn, eBay, Uni Credit, Süddeutsche Zeitung, Mont Blanc, Thyssen Krupp, Barbor and RWE.
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