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Peter Kyprianou

Peter Kyprianou - International graphic & icon illustrator. UK

London-based illustrator Peter Kyprianou has a clear and graphic creative style, perfect for the icons, pictograms, infographics, line-based artworks and storyboards he expertly delivers for clients in retail, editorial, publishing and more. Using his experience and natural drawing ability, he hones each piece to his client’s needs, varying his approach to reflect the brands he’s working with.
Through his Greek Cypriot background Peter is influenced by Byzantine iconography, and he’s also inspired by the pictograms and icons drawn by the German modernist Gerd Arntz. Rembrandt, Hals, Vermeer and El Greco are among his favorite artists. He has an Illustration degree from University of the Arts London, Camberwell.


After researching a project, Peter usually does some sketching to play around with the balance of the composition and its positive and negative space. He then works in Photoshop and Illustrator, where he’ll experiment further with the structure and bring color into play.


Peter’s digitally drawn icons, pictograms, infographics and technical illustrations are clean and clear, and he varies the style of the line work to meet the brief. When storyboarding, he works by hand, producing imagery with a more traditional feel. Either way, strong line work and flat colors are clear elements in his illustrations.

Client list

Peter has been commissioned by clients including PWC, Sainsbury’s, Runners World, BBC Gardeners’ World, Time, Oxford University Press, Proctor and Gamble, PWC, Unilever, Which? and more.
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