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Rachel Winter

Rachel Winter - Canada based illustrator

Vibrant colours and wild patterns grab the attention, leading viewers into ideas, stories and feelings about today’s world in the work of Canadian illustrator Rachel Winter. The palettes may be loud, and the patterns clash hard, but there’s a sensitivity in every image that leaves a lasting impression.
Based in Toronto, Rachel’s career has taken her around the world, and she has a deep background in the creative industries. After studying fashion and working as a pattern designer in the US and Canada, she moved to Europe and became an illustrator living in London, Dublin and Paris. Street fashion, people watching, feminism and a mix of cultures constantly feed her with inspiration. Clients remark on the energy, enthusiasm and creativity that goes into everything she creates. Rachel has a degree in Illustration from the École de Création Visuelle in Paris, adding to her training in fashion design and costuming.


First, Rachel opens herself to a range of ideas and inspirations to find the right concept. Then, free and messy pencil sketching that explores various visual approaches is followed by digital work in Procreate to refine the piece and hone the palette and patterning to hit the perfect tone.


Bold and colourful, and full of patterns and layers, Rachel’s images convey humour, rebellion and quirkiness, as well as more subtle emotional themes.


Rachel is fluent in English and French.

Client list

Rachel’s clients include Google, Lush, UGG, Psychologies Magazine, Girl Gang and Blue Kazoo.
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