Illustration of gardening woman


Medium: gouache, watercolour, pencil, ink, digital, paper texture
Client: Personal Work

Personal work surrounding themes of self-care, positive body image, vitality, health and feminism

About Rosanna
Working from her Bristol studio, Rosanna Tasker creates elegant illustrations full of elongated forms, natural settings, fascinating characters and subtle colour schemes. Alive with lines and textures, and with a unique creative feel, it’s perfect for editorial, publishing and advertising clients.
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Rosanna's latest news
The Way We Were
The Way We Were
Rosanna Tasker completes an affectionate illustration for The Boston Globe Magazine.
The Way We Were
Rosanna Tasker creates her vision of a shared creative space for the Hive Exhibition in Bristol.
Our Ravaged Lady
Our Ravaged Lady
Rosanna Tasker creates eloquent illustrations for Hidden Compass Magazine.
Our Ravaged Lady
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