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Rosanna Tasker

Rosanna Tasker - Bristol, United Kingdom based illustrator

Working from her Bristol studio, Rosanna Tasker creates elegant illustrations full of elongated forms, natural settings, fascinating characters and subtle color schemes. Alive with lines and textures, and with a unique creative feel, it’s perfect for editorial, publishing and advertising clients.
As well as drawing and painting, Rosanna loves greenery and her studio is full of potted plants. “Most recently I fell in love with tropical Araucaria trees and Dragon Blood trees while in Gran Canaria,” she says. Rosanna received First Class Honors when she studied Illustration at the University of the West of England, in Bristol.


There are two main elements to Rosanna’s approach. The first stages of her work are created using natural media – pencils for the line work, and gouache paints, created on separate layers using a light box. With the rich papers she uses, it gives her work its individual, handcrafted feel. Images are completed digitally, using Photoshop to clean them up and add the finishing touches.


Delicate lines and gentle textures are woven together to depict elegant, elongated figures and forms. Rosanna loves to experiment with scale, and nature usually plays a big role in her art. She uses a limited palette for each piece, sometimes punchy, sometimes subtle, but always in keeping with the brief.

Client list

Rosanna’s clients include The Guardian, New York Times, Wendy's, Lenny Letter, Tangent Books, The Bristol Cable, Pizza Workshop, Moon Design & Build, Penguin Random House and Yurtel.
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