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Sophie Loren Moran

Sophie Loren Moran

Sophie Loren Moran - United Kingdom based illustrator

Sophie Loren Moran is a rising talent in British illustration whose work proves that, when brought together with feeling, even the simplest shapes and colours can be turned into vivacious art that really resonates with the viewer. Her style is so flexible and relatable it appeals to adults and children alike, and it seems like everything Sophie touches oozes with positivity.
A native of Manchester, she graduated from its School of Art with first class honours and went on to work in a design studio. Sophie understands the creative process and is hardworking and professional, but equally clients like the way her art represents the personality of the real person behind it. In short, she’s a delight to work with. One of her favourite things is Japanese fiction by authors including Sayaka Murata, Haruki Murakami and Mieko Kawakami. She loves the way they portray daily life with a touch of magic – which carries over into her own work. The everyday is transformed into something engaging and fun.


Sophie begins by sketching shapes to block out the composition. Sometimes she’ll even cut out, scan and arrange these forms, heightening the tactility of the work, then adding further appeal with vibrant colours in Photoshop and textures from Procreate.

Key software

Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Procreate.


Sophie’s simple, naïve style makes it instantly relatable. From the way she draws human faces to the doodles and squiggles that make up the subtle textures and patterns, the personal touch is abundant and draws the viewer closer to the image.

Client list

Sophie’s clients include Manchester Metropolitan University, Moonpig, A Studio Called Jane and more.

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