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Steinar Lund

Steinar Lund - International realistic illustrator. UK

Based in Eastleigh, on the south coast of England, Steinar Lund is an illustrator whose colorful, postmodern imagery is often saturated not just with color, but with sugar as well. He’s a specialist when it comes to rendering delectable cakes, pies, ice cream, fruit and cocktails, but there’s much more to his repertoire, which includes gothic fantasy images, photography and retro game art.
Pushing the limits in scale, color, realism and concept, Steinar has vast experience when it comes to illustrating editorial ideas, visualizing products and creating packaging schemes. His influences include Salvador Dali, 1970s album covers created by artists like Roger Dean, and the Photorealism movement in art. His fascination with dreams and associated states like lucid dreaming and hypnagogia feeds into his style. Steinar has a BA in Interior Design from Kingston University.


Photographs form the basis of most of Steinar’s images. Often he brings several together in Photoshop, where he edits, enhances and airbrushes them to achieve exciting and exaggerated outcomes.


The success of Steinar’s work is in his ability to create an atmosphere, which is linked to the heightened sense of realism in his images. Food looks even tastier when it comes under his powers, and when creating his darker works he subtly dials up the nightmarish aspects of an illustration.

Client list

Steinar’s clients include BBC Focus, Bloomsbury, Bulgari, Country Life, Craftsman Audio Books, HarperCollins, Penguin Random House, St Martin’s Press and more.
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