Book Cover Artwork For "Grown Up Words"

About Sveta
With a classic fairytale style, and a willingness to explore everything from medieval legend through to wild psychedelia, Sveta Dorosheva is the artist to turn to for beautiful, meticulous and ornamental illustration with a hint of magic about it.
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Sveta's latest news
Afternoon Tea
Afternoon Tea
Working with Jacquie Lawson Ecards, Sveta Dorosheva paints a splendid and extravagant autumnal garden tea setting.
Afternoon Tea
Sveta Dorosheva's SCRAPBOOK
Sveta Dorosheva's SCRAPBOOK
Sveta Dorosheva answers our Q&A's on her training, career and inspirations.
Sveta Dorosheva's SCRAPBOOK
INSIDE OUT: Sveta Dorosheva X The British Library
INSIDE OUT: Sveta Dorosheva X The British Library
Illustrator Sveta Dorosheva draws an epic fantasy masterpiece for The British Library.
INSIDE OUT: Sveta Dorosheva X The British Library
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