12 Days of Christmas

Medium: watercolor
Client: American Greetings

Memory Matching Game *12 Days of Christmas* for The Jacquie Lawson 2022 Advent Calendar. Illustrations for the back of the cards.

About Svetlana
Looking at Svetlana Molodchenko’s artwork is like stepping back to a long-lost era of finery and grandeur – a Renaissance painting, a medieval cathedral or perhaps even an Ancient Greek villa. Rich in detail but with a light touch, there’s a sense of craft and luxury in everything she draws.
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Heavenly Conservatory Wrapping Paper
Heavenly Conservatory Wrapping Paper
Luxurious gift wrap is designed by Svetlana Molodchenko for Impression Originale in France.
Heavenly Conservatory Wrapping Paper
Exquisite designs are created by Svetlana Molodchenko for one of London's finest Indian restaurants.
Svetlana Molodchenko's SCRAPBOOK
Svetlana Molodchenko's SCRAPBOOK
We chat to Svetlana Molodchenko for our next Interview with an Illustrator.
Svetlana Molodchenko's SCRAPBOOK
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