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About T.S
Dark, mysterious and highly talented, TS Spookytooth is an award-winning children’s illustrator who produces work that is one part scary, one part funny and 100 per cent engaging. And even though nobody has ever seen TS in the flesh, clients still find the elusive artist easy to collaborate with, full of creative ideas and focused on meeting their deadlines.
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T.S's latest news
Fossil by Fossil
Fossil by Fossil
T.S Spookytooth illustrates his third book for Lerner Books/Millbrook Press taking a look at human and dinosaur bones.
Fossil by Fossil
An Award for T.S Spookytooth
An Award for T.S Spookytooth
Tooth by Tooth; illustrated by T.S Spookytooth has won an award for its excellence in Science Books.
An Award for T.S Spookytooth
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