Bling Blng fashion people

Bling Blng

Medium: mixed
Client: Personal Work

Bling Bling

About Tracy
Fashion and beauty illustrator Tracy Turnbull continually evolves and changes her style, adapting it to the changing trends in fashion and keeping it fresh and contemporary. Having worked as a clothing designer, she has an in-depth understanding of the garments she depicts and the industry as a whole. Highly adaptable, her work covers not just fashion but lifestyle and consumer projects, always rendered in an exciting and unique way.
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Tracy's latest news
The November issue of Seventeen Magazine is illustrated with Tracy Turnbull's young portraits.
Tigi Bed Head
Tigi Bed Head
Tracy Turnbull illustrates for the Tigi Bed Head Brand.
Tigi Bed Head
Female of the Species
Female of the Species
Harper Collins Children's Books ask Tracy Turnbull to illustrate a novel by Mindy McGinnis.
Female of the Species
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