The Most Embarrassing Comic in the New York Times for Kids

Most Embarrassing Moment Comic

Medium: Digital Illustration, Print
Client: New York Times for Kids

Ben Haber, 9 Kingston, New York I was on Zoom with my class when I got up to talk to my mom. That’s when I realized: I had forgotten to put on my shorts. Everyone saw me in my underwear!

About Veronika
‘Talking with pictures’ is how Veronika Kiriyenko describes her approach to illustration, and it couldn’t be more apt. Her simple linework, clear forms and punchy color palettes make an instant impression on the viewer. Bright and fun, with a clever touch of symbolism, her pictures speak louder than words.
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Veronika Kiriyenko's SCRAPBOOK
Veronika Kiriyenko's SCRAPBOOK
We head to Kazakhstan and talk to Veronika Kiriyenko about her career and inspirations.
Veronika Kiriyenko's SCRAPBOOK
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