Music girl - Party themed illustration

Wonderland Flyer

Medium: collage and photoshop
Client: Wonderland

Illustration to promote a Wonderland themed party, featuring performers, cocktails, a nightclub in a forest all in a secret London location.

About Vicky
A versatile and imaginative artist, Vicky Scott uses a whole range of media from paper collage to digital painting to create images in her signature style. Her quirky, colourful and nostalgic illustrations thrive on a sense of optimism, which makes her work excellent for lifestyle publications, ad campaigns and decorative projects.
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One Giant Hoot for Owlkind
Shiny, colourful and complete, Vicky Scott's 'One Giant Hoot for Owlkind' is now on display.
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Vicky Scott illustrates an uplifting spread for Healthy Magazine on Endometriosis.
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Vicky Scott creates a radiant mermaid illustration for sale as a print.
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