Aerial view of office seating vector illustration

ariel view of office

Medium: digital vector
Client: Listerine

Willie, Ryan, illustrator, illustration, graphic, infographic, diagram, ariel view of office seating, furniture, office interior, workspace diagram

About Willie
Willie Ryan’s graphical illustrations are perfect for any project requiring quick, concise communication with no ambiguity. He’s an expert when it comes to icons, instructional images and infographics, but equally adept at depicting scenarios and concepts everyone can identify with. Willie’s work is ideal for editorial, advertising, broadcasting and mobile projects.
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The Three Bucket Method
Chevrolet Magazine commission Willie Ryan for some graphic illustrations demonstrating how to get a 'showroom gleam'.
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Willie Ryan's SCRAPBOOK
Willie Ryan's SCRAPBOOK
Next in our Interview with an Illustrator series we talk to Hastings artist Willie Ryan
Willie Ryan's SCRAPBOOK
Maritime Alphabet
Maritime Alphabet
Willie Ryan completes 26 illustrations for the maritime organisation Trinity House.
Maritime Alphabet
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