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Playful alternative realities, where deer dance on giant flowers, gangs of piñatas frolic and curious fairies ride shy white elephants – the impossible is always possible in the fantastical artworks of Chinese illustrator Yixin Zeng. Yet as wild as his characters and compositions may seem, global brands love the sense of whimsy and wonder he brings to their campaigns.
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Hands of love illustration by Yixin Zeng
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Glenfiddich X Yixin
Glenfiddich X Yixin
Yixin Zeng works with Glenfiddich on a limited edition design for 2023.
Glenfiddich X Yixin
Yixin Zeng's SCRAPBOOK
Yixin Zeng's SCRAPBOOK
From Chongqing to Shanghai, Yixin Zeng chats to us for our next Interview with an Illustrator.
Yixin Zeng's SCRAPBOOK
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