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Chris Gilleard

Chris Gilleard - Character illustrator. Uk

Making people smile is what Brighton-based illustrator Chris Gilleard excels at, constantly creating quirky and colourful characters that get up to mischief in a variety of locations for his clients. Using the simplest shapes and a lively colour palette, he can find the fun in any theme, making it uplifting, informative and engaging to the viewer.
Doodling has always been part of Chris’s life, and he has a true talent for expressing ideas and emotions in just a few lines and shapes. Originally from the Yorkshire town of Beverley, he studied Illustration at Loughborough University where he swapped his pens and pencils for a Mac with its vector graphics. He loves creating characters and worlds, and his influences include Oliver Jeffers, Tom Gauld, Owen Davey, Charles Huettner and Jon Klassen.


Drawing with vectors really suits Chris’s approach to art. He likes using flat, bold colours and strong, simple shapes with clean edges. Each element is meticulously constructed from smaller pieces of geometry, brought together to form anything from a five-eyed space worm to a yoga practitioner.


Chris’s work is fun, playful and a little bit zany. It’s always colourful and a little absurd. While his characters might have bandy limbs he has an underlying love of geometry, which is strong in the composition of his illustrations.

Client list

Chris has been commissioned by clients including Pepsi, Microsoft, Samsung, Sky, Costa Coffee, The Daily Telegraph, PlusNet, Radio Times, The Science Museum and Migros.
It was a pleasure working with Chris and Daniel on our cover story. Their fresh take on old-world drawing was the perfect aesthetic for our project - a 'heaven sent' narrative delivering a miracle breakthrough obesity drug. Their unique style was the surprising cover we were looking for and the result was stunning. We hope to collaborate again very soon.
Shannon Gibson :Art Director, FT Weekend Magazine
We first worked with Chris to illustrate our 2014 William Shakespeare issue where he researched the author and produced a striking contemporary set of conceptual illustrations to represent several of the Bard¹s works, which helped to make a memorable issue. Later, when looking for an artist to illustrate the potentially complex issue of change during The Great War, we chose Chris due to his ability to look beneath the surface of the subject. This he did by producing striking illustrations, creating a visual narrative by incorporating a mix of accurate detail and strikingly layered backgrounds. The range of illustrations united not only the set of stamps themselves but also a range of associated products, First Day Covers packs and sheets. Chris is great to work with, happily taking on board research and art direction where required, whilst bringing his own inimitable style to the party.
Chris Elligott, Jersey Stamps, Jersey Post
Upon finding Chris Ede within the http://illustrationweb.com site we were immediately struck by the depth and intricate layering of his artwork. A three way paid creative pitch ensued with Chris bringing a level of story telling that captured the essence of the fragrance and hit the brief bang on. Selecting Chris as the winner was simple! Chris quickly got up to speed and worked tirelessly both with the commissioning agency and the ultimate end client to work through a series of 9 illustrations Chris began with mood boards and rough sketches that provided the heart of his vision. Then following feedback he worked through the range with creativity, craft and professionalism. Even towards the end when a couple were tough to crack, Chris continued to work with the same level of enthusiasm as he began the project. The final result was a creative yet cohesive range of gift packs that each had their own unique visual story and a very happy client.
Steve Gilligan, Utd Studio
It was an absolute pleasure to work with Chris on this project. He was full of great ideas and suggestions and he worked tirelessly to get the piece right.
Trine Johnson, Red Bee Media - David Attenborough’ Natural Curiosities, Eden channel, Advertising campaign.
I have been working with Chris Ede for five years now, and intend to work with him for many more. Not only is Chris a world class illustrator, he also always delivers work on time and on budget. Chris has created everything from websites, to logos, to merchandise designs, to design/construction renderings for me. Everything he does is inspired and bold. Chris Ede is one of the most talented artists I have worked with in any capacity, and I am grateful to have had the opportunity.
Michael Maxxis, El Cortez
Chris has added real identity to our albums and has been flexible with working out ideas that compliment our brand.
Liz Williams, Synctracks
It is always great working with Chris, he is creative, imaginative, bright and always wants to get the right end result, nothing is too much effort.
Warren DeWolfe, DeWolfe Music
Chris is fast, reliable and friendly. He consistently has great ideas (from really tricky subject matter) and is a pleasure to work with.
Judy Skidmore, Health Service Journal
Chris did a beautiful illustration for us that really leapt off the page and created great cut-through in the newspaper. He's quick, upbeat and enthusiastic. He made the whole process of working-with-an-illustrator-by-telephone-over-10,000-km-away extremely pleasant. Our client, Volkswagen Singapore, is very happy.
Mark Wiggins Head of Art, The Gang - Singapore
Chris created the illustrations for our stamp issue to commemorate William Shakespeare’s 450th birthday. His dynamic representations of some of Shakespeare’s most famous plays create moods of tragedy, murder, lust and corruption perfectly to suit the themes. Chris is an absolute delight to work with.
Sally Diamond, Philatelic Innovation & Development @ Jersey Post Limited
Chris thinks outside the box, avoiding visual cliches to create fresh imaginative interpretations that compliment features. It's always great fun working with him.
Sarah Watson, Shot Mag, Emap Publishing UK
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