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Danny Allison

Danny Allison - Graphic illustrator. Lancashire

Energy, motion and dynamism explode from each one of Danny Allison’s artworks, as he pulls together photographs, brushstrokes, textures and vibrant colours to create something edgy and unique for every client he works with. Loose or detailed, warm or cool, realistic or abstract – he has the skills to deliver the right vibe every time whether it’s a campaign, editorial or publishing project he’s contributing to.
Now based on England’s rainy northwest coast, Danny’s nomadic journey to Australia and back has informed his artwork and found him a global client base. His background in photography gives him an expert’s eye for composition, and material to work with in his illustrations. He has a degree in Illustration from Preston University.


Always exploring and experimenting, Danny doesn’t follow a set process when creating an image. He sketches and builds up a composition, then works with numerous layered, photographic elements, colours and textures in Photoshop, balancing them out with bold marks with subtle detail.


Danny’s images may be bold and vibrant, but they wait to surprise you with hidden ideas and meanings. With real world elements assembled digitally, there’s often a sense of the modern meeting the traditional.

Client list

Danny’s clients include Heineken, Songlines magazine, EMI, Budweiser, The BBC, Time Magazine, Melbourne City, Renault, Manchester United, Seattle Aquarium and TBWA.
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