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Danny Allison

Danny Allison - Graphic illustrator. Lancashire

Energy, motion and dynamism explode from each one of Danny Allison’s artworks, as he pulls together photographs, brushstrokes, textures and vibrant colors to create something edgy and unique for every client he works with. Loose or detailed, warm or cool, realistic or abstract – he has the skills to deliver the right vibe every time whether it’s a campaign, editorial or publishing project he’s contributing to.
Now based on England’s rainy northwest coast, Danny’s nomadic journey to Australia and back has informed his artwork and found him a global client base. His background in photography gives him an expert’s eye for composition, and material to work with in his illustrations. He has a degree in Illustration from Preston University.


Always exploring and experimenting, Danny doesn’t follow a set process when creating an image. He sketches and builds up a composition, then works with numerous layered, photographic elements, colours and textures in Photoshop, balancing them out with bold marks with subtle detail.


Danny’s images may be bold and vibrant, but they wait to surprise you with hidden ideas and meanings. With real world elements assembled digitally, there’s often a sense of the modern meeting the traditional.

Client list

Danny’s clients include Heineken, Songlines magazine, EMI, Budweiser, The BBC, Time Magazine, Melbourne City, Renault, Manchester United, Seattle Aquarium and TBWA.
When I first saw a sample of Danny’s work, I knew instantly he would be a great fit for our project. His sense of colour is impeccable and the level of detail he puts into his work is amazing. Danny quickly grasped the vision of our project and offered insights of his own. He was very professional when hearing feedback and was responsive to deadlines. The final artwork has surpassed everyone’s expectations. I, personally, found it inspiring to see the stages of his work come together, layer upon layer.
Ryan Dowdeswell, Phoenix Group
Danny was a pleasure! Not only is he very creative and a big picture thinker, he has wonderful client-facing skills. He is also very collaborative which goes a long way when discussing subjective work. Overall, this was a very successful project!
Patrina Marino, Davis & Company
Danny is an excellent and exceptionally versatile visual artist who really takes the time to understand his client's needs and to deliver top notch artwork. He is extremely personable and works closely with his clients through the drafting process to produce impactful artworks that consistently exceed expectations.
Heather Willenksy, EMI Records
I have worked with Danny on a monthly basis since January 2016! Over that time he has embraced our content and always manages somehow to turn it into something really striking and impactful. He is easy to work with and keeps us updated along the creative process, which is reassuring, especially when working on a cover that has to be approved by a wider team. Danny is one of the best illustrators I have had the pleasure of working with, and I hope that our creative relationship can continue into the future, as he is very much part of our team.
Melissa Cassem, BDJ
I've hired Danny a few times to produce vibrant and creative illustrations for Songlines magazine - one of which was on our cover. He's cheerful, worked on time and to budget and came up with excellent results which have complimented the editorial superbly.
Ben Serbutt, Songlines
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