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Lauren Mortimer

London artist Lauren Mortimer uses her outstanding skills with the mechanical pencil to create incredibly realistic illustrations, but with a deft conceptual twist turns them into something softly surreal. The result is a highly individual style, which helps her clients’ projects stand out from the rest with their own unique atmosphere.
Lauren feels inspired and content when she’s sitting in a park, looking at birds through a pair of binoculars, listening to folk music or sketching. However, she enjoys the vibrancy of city life, and is influenced by the Surrealist movement and by the artist Marcel Dzama. Lauren studied Fashion Communication with Promotion at Central Saint Martins, but decided illustration would be her career. Recent highlights include her illustrated series of cocktail recipe books with Running Press.


Lauren draws on cotton paper using a variety of 0.3 mechanical pencils. However, she also has a Wacom Cintiq tablet, which gives her an alternative way of sketching and working out her compositions. When she’s happy with something, she’ll print it out, trace it and rework it in pencil


The pencil is dominant in Lauren’s work, and with her incredible shading skills little or no colour is needed. Her style often maintains a gentle warmth, despite that touch of the surreal. A brain-shaped soft ice cream, with a Flake, anyone?

Client list

Lauren’s clients include Penguin, Nike, the BBC, Nespresso, Running Press, Le Monde, Vanity Fair, Scholastic, Sony, the BBC and more.
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Illustrating a feature in Stanford Magazine on Sicilian suits, Lauren Mortimer draws tailoring themed artworks.
Le Monde use Lauren Mortimer's accomplished artwork for a feature on pickled vegetables.
The 12 Days of Christmas
With only 10 weeks till Christmas its time to get into the spirit of the season starting with these stunning advent calendars created by Lauren Mortimer for Superdrug's own brand Bloom.
Are You There God? It's Me, Margarita
Lauren Mortimer's illustrations for the sequel to the world's best selling cocktail book hits the shelves.
Baby Gifts
Lauren Mortimer works on the latest Guy Degrenne Homeware poster.
INSIDE OUT: Gone with the Gin Cocktail Recipes
How Lauren Mortimer helped fill Tim Federle’s hilarious cocktail book with equally funny illustrations.
Artists of the Future
Lauren Mortimer shows four original artworks at the Degree Art Gallery.
Cupid on Target
Lauren Mortimer illustrates Valentine's Cupid for a Guy Degrenne campaign.
Lauren Mortimer works for French client Parrot creating their New Year greeting card.
French Stylist - Illustration Special
Lauren Mortimer illustrates fifty fashion & beauty products for France's Stylist Magazine.
A Nutcracker Band
Lauren Mortimer illustrates for a Guy Degrenne advertising campaign.
Angelina Paris Treats
Lauren Mortimer's third packaging illustration for Angelina Paris is released for Christmas.
Future Fashions
Lauren Mortimer illustrates future fashions for Arte TV's website.
Illustrator Profile - Lauren Mortimer
Lauren Mortimer uses pencil to create her surreal illustrations.
70s Style in Vanity Fair
Lauren Mortimer draws beautifully for French Vanity Fair.
Operation Nemesis
Lauren Mortimer creates an interactive poster on Operation Nemesis.
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