Christmas advent calendar illustration by Lauren Mortimer

The 12 Days of Christmas

With only 10 weeks till Christmas its time to get into the spirit of the season starting with these stunning advent calendars created by Lauren Mortimer for Superdrug's own brand Bloom.

Lauren was delighted to be asked to create the packaging for not just one but two Christmas advent calendars, plus a coffret cracker. 

The first advent calendar embodies the 12 Days of Christmas: This is a Georgian house, with 12 windows/door, which opens up to reveal a festive 1920's inspired interior. Bedrooms, a living room, kitchen, and party on the lower floors. The 12 windows each contain small bottles of Bloom perfume.

The second is a 25 Day Advent: This is a christmas tree illustration with tabs revealing Bloom's scented candles and holder. 3. Coffret Cracker: This is a small box with windows and perfume.

Both of these were illustrated in a traditional way, by pencil with watercolour wash and are in store now.

lauren mortimer
advent calendar

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