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Madi Harper

Madi Harper - United States based illustrator

Madison Harper is a young American illustrator with the eye and technique of a realist, combined with the exuberance of a cartoonist. Meticulous pencil shading grounds each image in a tangible setting, while exaggerated features, expressions and body posture generate an atmosphere of fun and adventure – with hints of magic and mystery added for good measure.
The joy that goes into Madi’s work is there to see and it helps define her visual language. Clients delight in the lively characters she creates, and she has been likened to the legendary Norman Rockwell. With a degree in Fine Arts from Missouri State University, Madi’s inspiration comes from traveling the wide world. Favourite stops so far include Scotland, Paris, Ireland and Alaska. Madi’s love of moody sunsets chimes perfectly with the Golden Age illustrators – NC Wyeth, Edmund Dulac and Arthur Rackham – whose tone inspires her.


Aiming for strong and original compositions, Madi loves working in graphite with a 0.5mm mechanical pencil. Her sketches are scanned and finished digitally using simple, direct palettes usually based around reds, blues and yellows.


Madi’s linework, shading and textures give her work an early 20th century feel – wholesome and fun with a sprinkle of magic. Meanwhile, bright colours, reduced palettes and a graphical approach to composition bring it an exciting, contemporary edge.


2020 – 3x3 International Student Show – Merit 2020 – National Student Show – Judge’s Choice for Best of Illustration 2019 – AIGA Kansas City A15 Design Awards - Winner

Client list

Wacom, Character Design Quarterly, 9 Story Media Group, Brown Bag Films, Mossery Stationery and Dale Radio
Working with Madi was the freelance experience you've always dreamed of. She worked quickly but never sacrificed quality. Communication was smooth and it was clear that Madi really understood the assignment. She nailed it from start to finish. There were NO surprises.
Jeremy Albert, Trendy Minds
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