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Sarah Beetson

Sarah Beetson - Pop culture illustrator. Australia

The carefully controlled chaos, rainbow colours and sheer exuberance of Sarah Beetson’s artworks have made her one of the world’s most renowned contemporary illustrators. Pop culture is rendered with a retro twist through her figurative line work, vibrant colours, sparkles and paint splatters, resulting in work that brings a refreshing and imaginative edge to her clients’ projects.
Working in fashion, editorial and publishing, Sarah has exhibited in galleries around the world. Spending most of her year in Queensland, Australia, returning to the UK for a few months now and again, she also takes on artist residencies, such as her project depicting Coney Island, New York. Sarah has a BA in Illustration with first class honours from Falmouth College of Arts. Influences include Antoni Gaudi, Gustav Klimt, Egon Schiele, Julie Verhoeven, Antonio Lopez and Jamie Hewlett.


Sarah begins by creating a background using spray paint, tissue paper and/or collage, which is applied to paper, wood, a photographic print or fabric. She then draws the linework in pen. The image is rounded off with a full range of additions such as acryl-gouache, markers, gel pens, crayon, stickers, vintage magazine clippings, beads, sequins, Letraset…and more. Sarah also works in layers using Photoshop so that edits can be accommodated.


From out of the chaos emerges glorious illustration work that finely balances colour, line and texture for a unique effect – Sarah’s own personal take on Pop Art.

Client list

Sarah has been commissioned by clients including The Sunday Times, The Telegraph, Smithsonian Magazine, Penguin Random House, Ernst & Julio Gallo, Ford, EMI, Trader Joe’s, Monprix, Delta Airlines and more.
Sarah has some lovely attention to detail to her work. I like her playful hand and her great marriage of typography with her illustration, it was the perfect combination for what I was looking for. She's also a great person to work with!
Ash Patel, Mr Patel
Thank you Sarah! It’s been a good experience and I am stoked with the outcome; your talent and can-do attitude will take you anywhere you want in life, I have no doubt! It’s the little things that make them great... aside from Sarah’s talent her attitude was appreciated above all.
Eddie Reid, Fox & Clo
Working with Sarah was a great experience. The long distance did not interfere with her understanding of our needs and her commitment to give us more than what we paid for. She is a talented artist and a wonderfully pleasant professional.
Noga Brienes
I was drawn to Sarah's work through her vivid use of color, her unique texturing and layering process, her dynamic composition---especially involving the human form---and her solid mastery and incorporation of art forms of days-gone-by. She is the real deal, an artist, as well as illustrator. With those qualifications---who else to choose to illustrate a story about the history of Wonder Woman? Sarah was in the middle of a summer-long project when I proposed the assignment, but she graciously accepted because she was excited about it. That made two of us! Sarah was cooperative and open-minded throughout the process. She sent along great concepts, and was aware of and adherent to our stringent deadlines. I could not have wished for a better experience or outcome. The illustration is an energetic and formidable piece. Everyone at the magazine is thrilled with it, and we certainly hope that we get to work with Sarah in the future.
Maria Keehan, Smithsonian Magazine
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