Arrest All Mimics Podcast: With Rod Hunt

Episode 26 of the popular creative podcast sees Ben Tallon chat with one of the Kings of illustration; Rod Hunt.

Written by Ben Tallon

It almost feels wrong to introduce Rod Hunt. With a twenty year career at the top of the illustration game, he shouldn't need one. Former chair of the AOI, currently working with the ICON illustration conference and turning around a frightening array of high-profile commissions on a consistent basis, Rod is not just an industry heavyweight, but a man who loves, works incredibly hard to champion, protect and develop the business in many areas.

The man behind the iconic Top Gear Where's Stig? books joins us to discuss all things serious, business, hilarious, weird and, well... erotic in this crazed creative world we inhabit. We also learn about the evolution of his iconic isometric illustrative style and the business itself in the digital age.

For anyone with even a passing interest in illustration and visual communication, episode 26 with the I Ching of illustration is an absolute must listen.




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