Arrest All Mimics Podcast: Character Development

Author and artist Karen McLeod joins Ben Tallon to talk about her alter ego Barbara Brownskirt.

Written by Ben Tallon

Fiction, non-fiction, TV shows, film, stage or real life experiences at the pub. No matter the medium, we all love a good character. But what makes us engage with them? Why do we loathe a good movie villain? What makes us cry when we know a sad moment in a book is not real and what gives you the best chance of succeeding in the world of graphic novels?

Author and artist Karen McLeod joins me to talk about her alter ego Barbara Brownskirt who has a series of upcoming live shows and has performed at the Royal Albert Hall. She takes us along on a fascinating journey, which led to her sitting at the bus stop, reading the world’s worst poetry to anyone who’ll listen. 

Why is it important to understand the backstory of our creations in order to inform what the reader or viewer will see and how much of yourself should you use in character creation.

This is a fascinating insight with much valuable advice for anyone interested in creating literary, audio or visual characters in all disciplines.

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