Xie Qiuping

Marieke Nelissen contributes to Lush's new book for hair - 'True Colours'

Recently published,  the handmade cosmetics company's book is all about colours for the hair - for the curious and the cautious.

Marieke was asked to create a fairytale-like depiction of Xie Qiuping who began growing her hair in 1973 at the age of 13. In 2004, it was over 5.6 metres long!

"True Colours" is about 'the history and science of hair dye, both synthetic and herbal, from its origins in the ancient world to the health scandals of the 20th century. Learn why human evolution determines your natural hair colour, how dyes of different strengths alter it, and what effect colourants could have on your health. An honest and intriguing look at what hair dye is, what it does, and the power it holds over us. Includes the story of henna hair colour within Lush, with practical tips for henna application from trichologist Mark Constantine.'

More information here.

marieke nelissen
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