The Territory Art

A selection of our artists work with POSTed Studio to create art for The Territory documentary; an initiative by Global Inheritance in partnership with NatGeo Docs and Picture House USA.

The Territory documentary shows the battle of the Amazon's indigenous people against miners on their land and talks about the exploitation of the forest.

Denis Fretas, Camila Gray, Diego Abreu and Davi Augusto were all part of the project, each producing impressive and powerful artworks as part of the documentary's promotion, and inspired by ideas sent in by followers on social networks.

Davi says of his work, "(My) project was made with the proposal of an analogy to the classic game Space Invaders, only instead of aliens invading the planet, now the enemy are invaders of indigenous territories such as mining, illegal farming, burning and logging. The difference to the game is that now the threat is real and we only get one chance. Protest posters usually have as a goal a quick message, impactful, and with low cost of reproduction, so the choice of a simple graphics like pixel art and using only two colors (encapsulated this)."

And Denis adds, "When I had access to the studies to interpret this one, it caught my attention because it reminded me of the silencing of native people. We need to learn with the native people to understand their beliefs, values and mythology so that we can be more connected to their struggle.” 

Main image: Denis Freitas, then Diego AbreuCamila GrayDavi Augusto.

See more on The Territory here.

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