Arrest All Mimics Podcast: Sandra Dieckmann & her debut children's book.

By popular demand, Illustrator Sandra Dieckmann returns to talk to Ben Tallon about her debut children's book, Leaf.

Illustration for children's book

Written by Ben Tallon

The story is an incredibly moving and visually impactful tale of acceptance, understanding, alienation and empathy, published by Flying Eye Books. Sandra's stunning array of colours, warmth, detail and nature are showcased in spectacular fashion as we follow the journey of a polar bear who one day arrives unexpectedly in the woods, facing distrust, fear and isolation. She joins me to talk about the process of getting the book published, how she created Leaf and what challenges came with writing the story, ahead of its imminent release. Sandra is much loved in the world of makers and illustration and her second outing on the show gives us more invaluable insights into those industries and children's publishing. 

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