With representatives on both the East and West coast, we are available in all the creative hotspots across the country. Our team of passionate artists and agents is dedicated to you achieving the very finest results.

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Your local agents

Stacey Endress
Senior US Agent, Director
T 1-646-808-0205
Stacey EndressSenior US Agent, Directorus
Leading our team in North America, Stacey understands a wide range of markets. That’s no surprise - on top of her Fine Art degree she has experience in fashion, media sales and publishing. People who’ve worked with Stacey admire her efficiency, attention to detail and passion for illustration.
Karen Kaller
Artist Representative
T 1-646-808-0205
Karen KallerArtist Representative - New Yorkus
Karen loves the challenges and variety you’re exposed to when you’re an illustration agent who strives to bring the best out of every project. She has a Fine Art degree and has worked in publishing and design. Her outgoing personality is a hit with our US clients.
Lauren Ashleigh
Artist Representative
T 1-646-808-0205
Lauren AshleighArtist Representative - New Yorkus
Lauren works in NYC as part of the US team. She adores working with artists and people who love art. Lauren has a background in fine art and photography and keeps her finger on the pulse of the New York art world. She is always seeking out creative inspiration and stimulation in the forms of fine art, design, music, and film.
Briana Kranz
West Coast Agent
T 1-646-808-0205
Briana KranzWest Coast Agentus
As our agent on the West Coast, Briana strives for clarity and connection between client and artist. With her experience as a drawing professor and professional illustrator, she is familiar with the fluidity and rhythm within the creative process and how that develops into outstanding outcomes.
Sarah Hodder
T 1-646-808-0205
Sarah HodderFinance Directoruk
Sarah has over 20 years’ experience with the agency. As our Finance Director she’s both meticulous and trustworthy. Sarah works internationally, supporting our clients, artists and agents - making sure all the bills get paid and balancing the books.

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