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Quincy Sutton

Quincy Sutton - United States based illustrator

Ce que les clients apprécient le plus des œuvres d'art de Quincy Sutton, c'est totalement uniques. Personne ne dessine des portraits et des caricatures comme lui, et il a une capacité incroyable à adapter son style aux souhaits de ses clients. En conséquence, Quincy est un artiste de Los Angeles qui est en forte demande.
Originally from Ohio, Quincy trained as a caricature artist, honing his skills and his illustration style while also learning the ropes in graphic design, fashion and art direction. Painting at live events, he attracts huge crowds with people lining up for over an hour to receive their own personalised piece of Pop Art. While waiting, they’re mesmerised by his skills. Inspired by the music of Thelonious Monk and mid-century architecture, and fueled by sushi and Italian sandwiches, Quincy studied at the Columbus College of Art and Design.


Quincy has travelled the world looking for the perfect materials to work with, and uses paint markers, acrylics and ink on archival papers. Drawing live, he keeps it fun by bringing a touch of showmanship to the event through his attire while capturing each sitter’s likeness in less than 10 minutes.


Quincy’s illustration style is bold and minimal, using strong, graphical shapes to create a simple and striking portrait. Working live, his style is expressive and fun – painterly with a personal touch.

Liste des clients

Certains des clients de Quincy appellent Disney, Fox, Alpinestars, Funko, Loungefly, MGW Entertainment, Hasbro, Karl Kani, Cross Colors, The Wayans Brothers et Jemele Hill.
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Légendes du rock
Reportage du magazine Sarasota sur les rock stars vieillissantes qui se sont installées dans la région, avec des œuvres de Quincy Sutton .
Légendes du rock
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