Since 1929, London has been our home. That said we are available in all the creative hotspots across the country and the world, where we don't have a local agent. Our world-class artists and agents are dedicated to you achieving the very finest results every time.

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Vos agents locaux

Juliette Lott
Senior Agent & Associate Director
T 020 7720 5202
Juliette LottSenior Agent & Associate Director - Londonuk
Juliette's knowledge, enthusiam and efficiency have made her one of the industry's best known agents. Her natural joie de vivre, energy and thoroughness are as valued by clients as by her fellow agents.
Jac Lott
UK Agent
T 020 7720 5202
Jac LottUK Agentuk
Jac has a wonderful curatorial eye. She selects and orders all the images in our artists’ online portfolios. Not only does she do this with charm, passion and endeavor, but her touch greatly improves a portfolio's success in terms of viewers and enquiries.
Alice Desmond
Agent Ambassador
T 020 7720 5202
Alice DesmondAgent Ambassadoruk
Alice has worked in top London advertising agencies before becoming an illustrators' agent. She works across the client spectrum, worldwide. She is devoted to giving her energy and insight to developing and established talented illustrators. Her German language also allows her to engage with the German business.
Sarah Beetson
Talent Vanguard
T please email
Sarah BeetsonTalent Vanguarduk
As our talent scout, Sarah has a finger on the pulse of international contemporary illustration and an eye peeled for unique new artists with special skills. She’s also an experienced fine artist and illustrator.
Vanessa Lambert
Marketing & Associate Agent
T 020 7720 5202
Vanessa LambertMarketing & Associate Agentuk
Vanessa has over fifteen years experience as an agent and illustrator with both deep knowledge and sound judgement. She works with us focusing on social media, our monthly newsletters as well as marketing and awards.
Sarah Hodder
Sarah HodderFinance Directoruk
Sarah has over 20 years’ experience with the agency. As our Finance Director she’s both meticulous and trustworthy. Sarah works internationally, supporting our clients, artists and agents - making sure all the bills get paid and balancing the books.

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