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With a background painting watercolours and inspired by Slavic and Nordic folk art, Russian artist Olga Svart has developed a unique digital painting style that is as fascinating as it is surreal. Even themes as big as life and death, beauty and horror, are charmingly treated and made easy to approach thanks to Olga’s inimitable technique.
Based in Moscow, Olga trained and worked in advertising but her passion for art took over and she became an illustrator. She quickly grasps her clients’ briefs then works hard to achieve an exciting and inventive execution. Clients appreciate her friendliness, drive and original approach to their projects. True to her art, she draws energy from her connection with nature and the calming beauty of plants, flowers and leaves.


Olga’s traditional drawing and watercolour skills now inform her digital painting technique in Adobe Photoshop. After thinking about the concept, she starts sketching her ideas and forming a composition. Her final drawing is scanned, and then she paints the image on her Wacom tablet, using paper textures and traditional brush tools to give it that authentic feel.


Olga’s rich artistic style features bold colours, along with an abstract folk art look and feel. From lively images of nature and food through to darker, mystical and fantasy elements, her work is enchantingly unique.

Client list

Some of Olga’s clients include Earthy Nourishment, Lucid Smart Pill, King Bird Studio and Rayzor Sharp Entertainment.
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