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Donough O'Malley

Donough O'Malley - Animador irlandés galardonado especializado en publicidad gráfica. Reino Unido

El estilo gráfico audaz del ilustrador irlandés Donough O'Malley se distingue del resto gracias a su humor peculiar, a la tentadora textura de papel y letra antigua y a su capacidad excepcional para crear algo fresco y único para cada cliente.
Hailing from Monaghan, Donough is based in Brighton where he works as an illustrator and storyboard artist for a range of publishers, broadcasters and production houses. He loves the challenge of creating new visuals for clients, and two of his favourite fellow illustrators are Steve Simpson and Peter Donnelly. He has a BA in Illustration from the University of the West of England and an MA in Narrative and Sequential Design from Brighton University.


Once he understands the brief, Donough grabs his pencils and sketchpad and explores some ideas, making notes and working out a composition. Then he hones the style of the execution and colour choices. His pencil rough is brought into Photoshop and fine-tuned using handmade textures he’s collected over the years.


Donough’s carefully honed style brings together colours, shapes and textures to generate a sense of fun and a very tactile feel. His graphical style lends itself well to screenprinting, which he’s into at the moment, but he’s equally happy creating more traditional-style illustrations to be used in children’s books, for instance.

Lista de clientes

Los clientes de Donough incluyen Big Issue, Jameson's Whisky, Random House, Oxford University Press, Quarto, Hachette, The V&A, 1843 magazine, Britvic Soft Drinks, revista Women's Health, New Internationalist, Runners World, Slimmers World, Haymarket Publishing, The Handmade Soap Company, The Boston Globe, University of Massachusetts y otros.
A selection of icons octopus gif created by Donough O'Malley
Donough O'Malley
B is for bowler typographic gif animation
Donough O'Malley
typographic animation
Donough O'Malley
L is for llama
Donough O'Malley
c is for chupacabra gif
Donough O'Malley
woman gif with hey text
Donough O'Malley
editorial and advertising animation by Donough O'Malley
Donough O'Malley
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