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Dan Couto

Dan Couto - Canada based illustrator

Dan Couto es un ilustrador con sede en Toronto que utiliza la magia del CG para visualizar personajes atractivos, escenarios realistas y representaciones de productos magníficos para marcas globales en una amplia gama de categorías. Tiene una vasta experiencia, es muy creativo y adaptable, y sus clientes elogian la profesionalidad que aporta a cada proyecto.
Coming from a photography background, Dan was one of the first artists in Canada to add 3D to his creative arsenal and has led the field ever since. The talent to create such striking imagery is one thing, but clients also appreciate the way he communicates the possibilities and complexities of CG in a fun and accessible way. Influenced by comic book and fantasy artworks, the world’s top fashion magazines and painters ranging from Caravaggio to Klimt, it’s no surprise that Dan’s compositions are so eye-catching.


Dan brings a photographer’s eye to his work however his compositional sense is informed by the graphic approach seen in comic book panels and page layouts. Colour treatments and so forth are driven by the nature of the project. His creative palette includes Cinema4D, ZBrush, Houdini, Blender, Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.


There are two main styles in Dan’s body of work. The first is photo-realistic 3D imagery. The second he characterises as ‘movies-on-paper’ – using characters, CGI, digital assets and 3D software to create worlds and tell stories.

Lista de clientes

Algunos de los clientes de Daniel incluyen Air Miles, Harlequin Books, Harper's Bazaar, Glen Moray Whisky, Tim Horton's, Listerine, Petra Foods y Growers Cider.
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