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Joseph Carrington

Joseph Carrington's Photo - Leading Character Design, Logo, Graphic and Typography Illustrator, NZ

Drawing simple, expressive lines to generate an easy, contemporary style, Joseph Carrington has become one of New Zealand’s leading illustrators and his skills attract leading brands from around the world.
From health and wellbeing to restaurants, non-profits and even doggie apparel, Joseph’s imagery works perfectly across a whole range of sectors. Starting in t-shirt graphics, Joe has continually expanded his abilities to cover projects across print, digital, packaging, branding and more. 1970s Stephen King paperbacks, the Goosebumps series and graphic novels like Hellboy and Sin City, are all influences, but most of all he loves outdoor life in New Zealand. “Nature and birdlife have always been inspiring, from breaking down the shapes that make a pohutukawa flower to the segments of colour and contrast on a tui bird,” says Joe. He has a bachelor degree in Art and Design from the Auckland Institute of Technology.


Sketching begins on Joseph’s Wacom Bamboo tablet using Photoshop. With the main forms developed, he switches to Illustrator to work in vector graphics. These are then distressed for a more tactile look and feel, and he adds his own signature halftone textures.


Using minimal line work and a restrained colour palette, the strength in Joseph’s work lies in its simplicity. It’s elegant, warm and modern, with a playful sense of fun.

Client list

Joseph’s clients include Avalanche Coffee, Tuck, Good George Brewing, Mental Health Foundation NZ, Clement + Herron, Happy Mammoth, Cardrona Hotel, Camp Cloon and Forest & Bird.
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Joseph Carrington works with EightyOne in New Zealand for the Children's Commission website.
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Joseph Carrington works with creative agency GrowthOps on an environmental campaign for Seqwater.
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Joseph Carrington's work for New Zealand's Mental Health Foundation gets profiled in Design Assembly.
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