Editorial illustration for the Children's Commission website

Child Poverty

Joseph Carrington works with EightyOne in New Zealand for the Children's Commission website.

The team at EightyOne commissioned Joseph for this illustrative job on behalf of their client; The Children's Commissioner for a project to create a bold, joyful and playful set of artworks which worked at the scale of, 'The world as seen through a child’s eyes'. He explains, "A series of building blocks or platforms were created – each relating to an important metric of the Child Poverty Monitor, i.e. Health – that link together to create an engaging world. As the user scrolls down through the site, different data points are triggered and text pops up revealing the associated statistic or fact...Each platform was designed to work on its own, with 'connectors' and with a vibrant colour scheme. My work was even passed over the desk of our Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern for a seal of approval before going live.' See the animation here.

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joseph carrington
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