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Benji Connell Uncut

Benji Connell Uncut -  based illustrator

Working in his Uncut style, Belfast-based illustrator Benji Connell breaks away from his architectural background and allows his imagination to soar. Bold compositions, striking colour palettes and strong linework combine to create incredible vistas and characters with a story to tell. Uncut is ideal for projects in advertising, editorial, publishing, concept design and more.
Inspired by the French comic book maestro Moebius and Star Wars concept artist Ralph McQuarrie, Benji emulates their bold use of colour and the juxtaposition of detailed rendering and strong composition in their work. Yet he does this using a visual language entirely his own, working collaboratively with clients to create something unique and imaginative for each project. Benji has a BSc in Architecture from Queens University, Belfast, and a Diploma in Architecture from the Mackintosh School of Architecture in Glasgow.


Benji works either with natural media, drawing on paper and scanning it in, or digitally in Procreate. Then he moves into Photoshop to finish the image and perfect the colour. His palettes range from the wild and expressive through to black and white line work, depending on the tone he’s looking for.


The Uncut style is distinct, bold and often colourful, with relatively simple compositions. Often Benji’s work provides a reflective commentary on the subject matter, which could be stark and stripped back for greater impact, or full of detail and shading for a deeper image.


Benji is fluent in English.


2014 – Royal Society of Ulster Architects – Alan Barnes Award 2018 – Royal Scottish Academy of Art and Architecture – John Kinross Scholarship

Client list

Benji’s clients include New Champion Management, Champion Sound, Oh Yeah Music, Quiet Arch and Yeo Magazine.
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