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Farat Design & Co - Brazil based illustrator

Victor Farat is a Brazilian live event illustrator who uses his specialist skills to help businesses communicate in exciting and interesting ways. If you’re hosting a conference, presentation or meeting, Farat Design & Co will turn all the ideas expressed into powerful imagery – live, as it happens. It’s a superb way of reinforcing what’s said, making for a truly memorable event.
Conventions, keynotes, roundtables, seminars, bootcamps, board meetings – whether the event is large or small, Victor and his team will capture its essence in a captivating visual style, emphasising the key points in the content. His work can be projected onto screens to add a visual element to the event as it takes place. Each participant can also receive the imagery in a digital format to review the highlights and enjoy the artistry when the event has concluded. Victor has over 20 years’ experience as a designer, illustrator and graphic facilitator.


Farat Design & Co connect to events remotely by video link, drawing as they happen using Adobe Illustrator. The imagery is streamed live back to the event, and the resulting images are supplied afterwards as PDFs, JPGs or any format you require.


In a cartoon-inspired drawing style, Farat Design & Co hones the look to the specific event using expressive line work, characters, text, diagrams and more – anything to ensure the messages hit home with the viewer.


English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Client list

Farat Design & Co’s clients include Google, Nestlé, Sandander, Boehringer, Bayer, Raízen and more.
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