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Guilherme Francini

Guilherme Francini

Guilherme Francini - Brazil based illustrator

Introducing Guilherme Francini, the São Paulo-based artist who is well on his way to becoming one of Brazil’s leading children’s illustrators. His works include Amiga Ursa by rock star Rita Lee; Maya and Vaquinha Mimi by the leading children’s TV host Xuxa; and If Animals Could Speak: Australia by environmental activist Luisa Mell.
Inspired by traditional animation and fairy tale illustration, Guilherme paints with passion, always seeking to find the feeling in the story and create characters that children easily relate to – whether they’re animals, people, aliens or angels. His gentle brush strokes and exacting use of light and shadow render worlds where the cute and cuddly sit alongside the bold and adventurous. Behind his technique is a wealth of image-making, design and storytelling knowledge. Guilherme is a professor in computer graphics, digital painting and 3D modelling at Escola SAGA, with a bachelor’s degree in design, a postgraduate degree in Animation and currently pursuing a master’s in literature and literary criticism. Clients love his creativity and ability to surprise with each piece.


Guilherme begins with the composition, spatially balancing the elements and building the concept in Procreate before blocking in his colours and shading in layers for depth and atmosphere.

Key software

Procreate, Blender, zBrush.


Light-hearted, cute and classical. “Even in the most ordinary scenes, I strive to evoke a whimsical aura, transforming everyday moments into enchanting visual experiences,” says Guilherme.


Portuguese and English.

Client list

Guilherme’s clients include Globo Livros, Buzz Editora, VR Editora and Universal Music.

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