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Matt Hollings In Black & White

Matt Hollings In Black & White - International lifestyle illustrator. Manchester. UK

Matthew Hollings is a Manchester based illustrator known for his strong black and white linework, whether that be a street scene, portrait or conceptual illustration.
Matthew has enjoyed drawing since a very early age. When he was growing up, one of his friend's Dad was a cartoonist and Matthew always enjoyed visiting his studio, gazing at the racks of marker pens, watercolours, prints and old Association of Illustrators contact books. He attended Camberwell College of the Arts, completing a BA in Graphic Design, specialising in Illustration during his final year.


Images often begin as a pencil sketch at rough stage, before being redrawn in ink to create the final artwork. This is then scanned into the computer to be cleaned up and digitalised.


The honesty of hand drawn linework is one of the engaging features of Matthew's work. In an age where computer generated vector imagery tends to dominate commercial artwork, Matthew kicks back with a more traditional but contemporary aesthetic. No gimmicks, just straight up pen to paper (with a computer thrown in at the end).

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