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Jacqueline Bissett

With an expertly contoured line and a few dashes of her brush, British artist Jacqueline Bissett captures the design of a garment and the essence of a collection in a seemingly effortless manner. However, this sublime skill has been built up through over 30 years in the industry, earning her position among the world’s leading fashion illustrators.
Since graduating from Epsom College of Art and Design in the 1980s, Jackie has been illustrating magazine articles, billboard advertising, book covers and jewelry brochures, with her work also appearing on scarves, handbags, bed linen, bathroom accessories and kitchenware. She has helped houses like Thomas Sabo to establish their brand identities, and today is a leading live illustrator working at events and ceremonies around the globe.


Jackie often uses photographic references when she does her sketching, bringing elements together to form her final composition. She takes photos everywhere she goes, for later use, and updates her palette according to what’s on the catwalk.


Jackie has two styles. Her watercolor style sees splashes of color bled onto a wet page. Black lines are added to give the forms stronger definition, for a playful and quickly executed finish. Her second style is collage, using Letrafilm to transfer blocks of color onto the page, building the illustration from shapes and lines and augmenting the image with Pantone pens.

Client list

Jackie’s clients include Givenchy, Escada, LVMH, Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels, Thomas Sabo, Kurt Geiger, Louis Vuitton, The BAFTA Awards, Giorgio Armani, Lexus and more.
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Ralph Lauren by City
Jacqueline Bissett draws the cities and store fronts of new worldwide Ralph Lauren stores.
The Cliveden House Wedding
Jacqueline Bissett and Katharine Asher indulge the guests at a grand wedding celebration at Berkshire's Cliveden House.
Happy Glampers
Released as Kindle Books, Jacqueline Bissett draws fresh cover illustrations for the Happy Glampers series.
A Summer Outfit
Jacqueline Bissett illustrates a chic ensemble for women's magazine, Frank.
A Rose Petal Summer
Katie Fforde's latest bestseller comes with a beautiful front cover by Jacqueline Bissett.
The RL50
Attending the Ralph Lauren Bag Launch, Jacqueline Bissett delights guests with her bespoke portraits.
FRANK is launched!
Jacqueline Bissett creates fashion illustrations for Melanie Sykes' new magazine, Frank.
Louis Vuitton Mother's Day Event
Taking place at Selfridges, Birmingham, Jacqueline Bissett spends the weekend live-painting Mother and Daughter portraits.
I Fell Down the Stairs
Portuguese shoe brand Josefinas collaborate with Jacqueline Bissett for a campaign on the painful reality of domestic violence.
Era of Innocence
Vogue Japan ask Jacqueline Bissett to contribute towards their Era of Innocence issue.
Gary Mayes and Jacqueline Bissett collaborate on a New Year message.
Brunch with Vuitton
Jacqueline Bissett spends brunch drawing guests at Louis Vuitton, London.
Luxury Lifestyle
Jacqueline Bissett completes a series of lifestyle illustrations for luxury online retailer, MyTheresa.com
The Anonymous Heart Project
Here are the two original pieces of artwork donated by Jacqueline Bissett to The Anonymous Heart Project
Animation for Naia Yarn
Jacqueline Bissett's fluid line illustrations are brought to life for Naia
Four Seasons Magazine
Jacqueline Bissett creates a series of stunning fashion illustrations for the luxury travel magazine.
Ralph Lauren Polo
Jacqueline Bissett works with Ralph Lauren Polo on an invitation to a summer event
Soho House Festival
Jacqueline Bissett 'performs' at Soho House Festival in London.
From Fashion to Food
Eight Pages of July's Vogue Japan carry the elegance of Jacqueline Bissett's illustrations.
Florentine Life
Bloomsbury commission Jacqueline Bissett for cover and chapter heading illustrations to enrich a book by Kamin Mohammadi.
A Claridge's Wedding
Jacqueline Bissett is invited to draw portraits of a bridal party at their Claridge's suite.
Queen Rules
#QueenRules is launched to 'address the unconscious gender bias that surrounds us', with the help of Jacqueline Bissett's powerful female portraits.
YSL at Heathrow
Jacqueline Bissett draws at a number of Yves St Laurent events at Heathrow Airport capturing the travelling customers.
Pola Skincare
A Pola and Vogue Japan social media campaign is illustrated stylishly by Jacqueline Bissett.
The Louis Vuitton Tour
Jacqueline Bissett completes four successful events at Louis Vuitton stores across the UK.
A Night at Louis Vuitton
Jacqueline Bissett spends an evening at the Louis Vuitton Flagship Store drawing the customers and personal stylists.
Leg Exercises
Jacqueline Bissett's supple figures show us how to exercise our legs for Vogue Japan.
A Portrait for Melanie Sykes
Jacqueline Bissett shares lunch with TV and radio presenter Melanie Sykes with some drawing and banter thrown in.
Afternoon Tea at Bulgari
Jacqueline Bissett joins VIP Bloggers for a Bulgari event in London.
Vogue Japan's Daily Schedule
Jacqueline Bissett draws thirteen well-being illustrations for Vogue Japan's health issue.
Malée Natural Science
Jacqueline Bissett collaborates with the African inspired beauty range on their launch at Harvey Nichols.
An Illustrated Arch Window
Jacqueline Bissett spends a day drawing on the Arch Window at gpstudio in London.
Drawing at the Doha Jewellery and Watch Exhibition
Jacqueline Bissett draws for Van Cleef and Arpels at an event in the Middle East.
Jacqueline Bissett creates a Christmas tree animation for Baraboux in Dubai.
The Right Scent
Jacqueline Bissett works on a perfume feature for You Magazine.
Portraits in the Wonder Room
Jacqueline Bissett spends an evening in the Selfridges 'Wonder Room' for Bulgari.
The Costumes of Allied
Jacqueline Bissett works with costume designer Joanna Johnston illustrating the film's spectacular costumes.
Armani in London
The fabulous Jacqueline Bissett draws for Armani at two London stores.
Lexus in Paris
Jacqueline Bissett draws guests at a top secret Lexus event.
How to be a Princess
Vogue Japan commission Jacqueline Bissett to draw for a feature on good behaviour and etiquette.
This Season's Fashion
Jacqueline Bissett creates timelapse videos for next seasons trends.
Bissett at the Emmy Nominee Celebration
Jacqueline Bissett spends a few days in LA in the presence of TV stars and drawing guests.
Summer Daze
Beautiful summer icons are created by Jacqueline Bissett for Little One Magazine.
Know Your Leg Type
The July issue of Vogue Japan includes a leggy feature illustrated by the wonderful Jacqueline Bissett.
Travel with Vogue Japan
Jacqueline Bissett works on a travel feature in Vogue Japan.
The Beauty of Cannes 2016
Jacqueline Bissett inspired by the glamour of Cannes draws a collection of self initiated images
Your 5
Jacqueline Bissett brings alive new style and beauty concept.
Shopaholic to the Rescue
Jacqueline Bissett creates a glam character for the cover of Sophie Kinsella's latest bestseller.
Sketch a Wedding
Jacqueline Bissett spends a day drawing at a client's wedding recording the people and beauty of the special occasion.
Arrest All Mimics Podcast: A Career in Fashion
Ben Tallon enjoys the company of Jacqueline Bissett and Victoria Pearce in Episode 17 of the popular podcast.
Norma Skemp Recruitment
Jacqueline Bissett draws a selection of professional women for the Norma Skemp website.
Atelier Swarovski Event at The BAFTA Awards
Jacqueline Bissett spends a day drawing the Swarovski adorned BAFTA nominees at The Savoy Hotel in London.
Live Drawing at The Ritz
This week saw Jacqueline Bissett drawing Live at a private event.
Live Portraits at Van Cleef & Arpels
Jacqueline Bissett flies out to Bahrain to draw Van Cleef & Arpels' VIP guests.
NYE Celebrations
Jacqueline Bissett illustrates some New Year fun for You Magazine.
Live at Louis Vuitton
Jacqueline Bissett spends two days at Louis Vuitton in Selfridges and draws the lucky customers.
Jacqueline Bissett's glam lady poses on the Luxe.It.Fwd website.
Minnie's Fashion Challenge
Jacqueline Bissett works on the brand new fashion TV show Minnie's Fashion Challenge.
Carrying On
Jacqueline Bissett draws twenty illustrations for 'Carrying On' - a pregnancy book by Jordan Reid.
The Birth of Change
Jacqueline Bissett draws for Vogue Japan's feature on Fertility.
Kiss Kiss
Jacqueline Bissett works for Guerlain to showcase their Kiss Kiss colours.
A Charming Catalogue
MAC's Art of the Lip
Vogue Japan
Jacqueline Bissett illustrates the changing shape of the Japanese woman for Vogue Japan.
Hula Hula
Katie Fforde Covers
Drawing for Le Rêve de Clara
This week saw fashion artist Jacqueline Bissett drawing live portraits at a charity event hosted by Jessica Pirès.
Bath Fashion
Jacqueline Bissett and Helen Bullock are taking part in an exhibition running alongside the Bath Fashion Week next month.
Illustrator Profile - Jacqueline Bissett
Jacqueline Bissett keeps the world of fashion happy with her classic and elegant figurative illustrations.
Charm Club Diary
Here is a taster of the latest Thomas Sabo Charm Club diary illustrated by Jacqueline Bissett.
Festive Ladies at Asda
These home products are for sale at Asda and have been illustrated by Jacqueline Bissett.
HTC in Fashion
Swarovski and Bissett
Tomato Skirts
Etc feature Bissett
Master Fashion Illustration with Bissett