AAM: Don Letts

Ben Tallon meets up with cult figure Don Letts.

Don Letts redefines the word cult. He reeks of cool, boasts a career of in which he has directed over 300 music videos, countless documentaries on the punk and reggae scene of the 1970s, in which he played a pivotal role as DJ and filmmaker and remains ever busy. Don appeared on the album cover of The Clash's 'Black Market Clash' and worked closely with them, the Sex Pistols and Bob Marley, who he befriended after sneaking into his hotel room to interview him. Don now hosts Culture Clash Radio on BBC 6 Music every Saturday and Sunday. Ben met Don at his north London home, five years after a chance meeting in which he mirrored Don's 'hustle' mentality, sneaking backstage at a music event in Manchester in order to interview him. Staying in touch, Don is a part of a forthcoming photographic/illustration collaboration between Ben and Andrew Cotterill and invited them both around to photograph him, accepting Ben's cheeky request to have Don guest on the podcast at short notice. Listen to the podcast.

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