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Hannah Davies collaborates on a window design based on henna patterns.
Jun 8
Mehndi Window
Mehndi WindowMehndi Window
A narrative illustration for Arthur Dreyfus' new book is illustrated by Rohan Eason.
Jun 8
The Lions Den
The Lions DenThe Lions Den
Denis Freitas works on a NFT project to promote reforestation.
Jun 7
animals and nature
The Greenies
The GreeniesThe Greenies
A book to inspire tips for memory and concentration is illustrated by Caribay M. Benavides.
Jun 7
Growing Up Powerful
Growing Up PowerfulGrowing Up Powerful
Lino-cut artist Becca Thorne is the latest illustrator to be interviewed for our Scrapbook feature.
Jun 7
scrapbook interviews
Becca Thorne's SCRAPBOOK
Becca Thorne's SCRAPBOOKBecca Thorne's SCRAPBOOK
We have good news to share as the longlisters are announced for this year's World Illustration Awards.
Jun 6
Our WIA Longlisters!
Our WIA Longlisters!Our WIA Longlisters!
A powerful cover for JADPRO is created by Alex Webber on the identification of a Parotid Tumor.
Jun 5
Parotid Tumor
Parotid TumorParotid Tumor
The latest on our work with WeForest.
Jun 5
World Environment Day
World Environment DayWorld Environment Day
Pastiche illustrations by Bob Venables advertise season two of the Drama Channel's Sister Boniface.
Jun 2
Sister Boniface
Sister BonifaceSister Boniface
Attractive artworks by Colin Elgie are created for France-Amérique Magazine to tempt vacationing in France.
Jun 1
La Belle France
La Belle FranceLa Belle France
Carles Garcia O'Dowd's designs complete the overall look of Spain's legendary rock festival.
Jun 1
Viña Rock 2023
Viña Rock 2023Viña Rock 2023
Juxtaposing the urban with the rural, Jacob Stead works on the cover of San Antonio Magazine's trail guide.
Jun 1
Trail Guide
Trail GuideTrail Guide
An exuberant wine label is designed by Caribay M. Benavides for local winery Mil Suelos.
May 31
A portrait of Patricia Velazquez is created by Manu Cunhas for 'Rebel Girls Celebrate Pride'.
May 31
Celebrating Pride
Celebrating PrideCelebrating Pride
Clara Candelot illustrates for Superinteressante Magazine for a story on buttock development.
May 31
A History of Buttocks
A History of ButtocksA History of Buttocks
Rachel Winter's art pays homage to a cherished tradition of a native New Zealand tribe.
May 30
Alyah Holmes adds a splash of vibrant art to AARP's Throwback Sweepstakes.
May 30
Looking Back
Looking BackLooking Back
Golf Digest commission Max Erwin for a humorous take on The Sandbagger.
May 24
The Sandbagger
The SandbaggerThe Sandbagger
A children's book encouraging an appreciation for nature is illustrated by Martyna Nejman.
May 24
Tree Full of Wonder
Tree Full of WonderTree Full of Wonder
Jacquie Lawson cards use the wild art of Georgie Stewart for an animated gift design.
May 24
animals and nature
Fanciful Forest
Fanciful ForestFanciful Forest
Three fun illustrations are created by Luiza Laffitte for Focus on the Family Magazine.
May 24
Family Time
Family TimeFamily Time
Canadian artist Patrick Boyer joins us for our next Interview with an Illustrator.
May 24
scrapbook interviews
Patrick Boyer's SCRAPBOOK
Patrick Boyer's SCRAPBOOKPatrick Boyer's SCRAPBOOK
Mol Publishing launches an uplifting card kit that aims to encourage positivity and empowerment among women.
May 22
You Are More
You Are MoreYou Are More
Beto Fame creates a striking cover illustration for MIT Technology Review.
May 22
Death to the Smart City
Death to the Smart CityDeath to the Smart City
Dina Ruzha's illustrations highlight the significance of Bible reading for an article featured in Focus on the Family Magazine.
May 17
Time for The Bible
Time for The BibleTime for The Bible
The artist of sweet treats, Enya Todd illustrates the Coronation Cake.
May 16
The Coronation Cake
The Coronation CakeThe Coronation Cake
The German edition of Gala Magazine commission Kelly Smith to create fashion art for their Luxury issue.
May 16
Modern Etiquette
Modern EtiquetteModern Etiquette
Vicky Scott is delighted to illustrate a tote bag for Watts Gallery Artists’​ Village.
May 16
Watts' Tote
Watts' ToteWatts' Tote
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