Shine On!

Gail Armstrong works with Oxford University Press on a children's language book.

Gail completed one double page spread and 10 spot images for "Shine On! Level 2" - a book which is part of a children’s language course. As well as reading and speaking, the book incorporates stickers and activities to help build vocabulary. Gail says of the project "In the section I was asked to illustrate - "Home Sweet Home", the vocabulary is all about the home and the brief was to make the image "fun, simple and dynamic". In the cover image, a brother and sister are playing with a dolls house. The trick was to make the image engaging and create a nice relationship between the 2 children and the house, whilst ensuring none of the rooms of the house or items in the vocabulary were obscured and that the image worked with the layout of the text. Some of the rooms were then also reworked as spot images for the more detailed vocabulary work and activities on the pages that followed. As you can imagine, this project took a great deal of planning, so that I could execute the artworks in the most creative way within the layout and work in the most efficient and effective way to make the most of the available time and budget."

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