Arrest All Mimics Podcast - Crafty Fox

Ben Tallon talks to Sinead Koehler; founder of the Crafty Fox Market.

Written by Ben Tallon

We're in the midst of a makers revolution. Whilst the digital age is likely to be around for many decades to come, people have started to yearn for something crafted by hand, to hear the story behind a product, gift or moment in time. Online retailers provide us with an overload of cheap global markets, but on the flip side, we have seen the rise of craft markets, beautiful oddities, modern artisans and people informing their ideas with great technology to produce something inherently human.

One of the big success stories is the Crafty Fox Market. Founder Sinead Koehler joins Arrest All Mimics in the midst of the spring markets in London and Leeds to tell us how she began and established Crafty Fox as one of the world's most celebrated coming together of illustrators, makers, ceramicists, sculptors, fashion designers and more. What sets Crafty Fox apart from high street chain stores and might we be about to see a unison between the two?

Sinead details how motherhood has been a key catalyst in the rise of Crafty Fox and explains why it's crucial to be yourself to stand out from a growing competition field applying for limited places to sell their creative wares at the markets.




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