Arrest All Mimics Podcast - Adrian Shaughnessy

The legendary designer chats to Ben Tallon in Episode 29 of the creative arts podcast.

Written by Ben Tallon

The word 'legend' is tossed around far too lightly. In the world of visual communication, I have no problem attaching that word to the name of British graphic designer, writer, educator, publisher and creative innovator Adrian Shaughnessy. Adrian co-founded Intro, a design studio, in the late 1980s, steering the company to 40 members of staff and pioneering work in digital media and motion graphics. He is now the senior tutor of visual communication at the Royal College of Art.

Adrian's book, How To Be A Graphic Designer Without Losing Your Soul has sold over 80,000 copies worldwide and following this, he became a founding partner of Unit Editions, a publishing company producing books on design and visual communication.

Taking us through his outstanding career, discussing the vastly changed design landscape we now exist in and the challenges we face, Adrian details the brilliant story behind their iconic work with the band Primal Scream and the XTRMNTR album art-direction, his work with British graphic design veteran Ken Garland and his disdain of corporate culture.

An hour with a man of Adrian Shaughnessy's stature and industry respect is rare, so this is a must listen episode for anyone with even the most tenuous connection to the arts.



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