Ice Cream Show

Shauna Lynn Panczyszyn shows a piece of art at Gracie's Ice Cream.

The Ice Cream themed exhibition takes place at Gracie's Parlour in Massachusetts with an opening reception this week. They say "The art on the wall is a very big part of our shop, but we're switching it up! On July 27th, we'll be opening an ice cream-themed art show from Super Precious Art Gallery. From 6-8pm, come hang with some of the artists, see the new art, and heck, we'll probably put together something special to eat, too. Featuring 14 pieces from 13 artists. Art by Jason Adams, Sarah Gay-O'Neill, Lauren May, Chris E. O'Neill, Amanda Clarke, Jessica Frease, Dave Ortega, Ryan Frease, Matt Hunsberger, Chris Michon, Shauna Lynn Panczyszyn, Josh LaFayette, and Chris Piascik." Take a look at the event here.

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