Arrest All Mimics Podcast: Live Illustration London

Ben Tallon talks to Live Illustration London about the launch of their new collective

We live in a world of instant gratification, thanks to a world made smaller by technology. Amazon, Ebay, free postage, cheap and plentiful, on demand, next day delivery, you know the drill. The past 10-15 years has been apocalyptic for many high-street retailers and not just the independents. In fact, in many respects, the independent stores have led the way by cleverly adapting the way they provide more than just the goods they sell as part of the shopping experience.

HMV almost went out of business in recent years and the lack of evolution from a simple vehicle of browse and buy seemed to cost them. But we are starting to see change. Perhaps partly influenced by the organic growth of the makers movement in response to the rise of online retail, fashion brands are beginning to think more creatively by utilising visual communicators who can work live in store, large scale and under pressure, giving customers a personal experience.

That's where LIL come in. Live Illustration London are comprised of Willa Gebbie, Emma Block and Miss Magpie Fashion Spy and they join me to discuss the launch of their brand new live illustration collective, why the time is right to embrace the concept, how social media has become a key channel for PR and marketing through customers and the differences between working solo and as a collective.

This eye opening new group have a lot to say and are provide valuable insights into the world of live art in London and worldwide. Do not miss!




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