50th episode of Ben Tallon's popular podcast

Arrest All Mimics Podcast: The Journey of Malika Favre

French artist and illustrator Malika Favre joins Ben Tallon on the 50th episode of his popular podcast.

Written by Ben Tallon

There are few bigger names in the ruthless worlds of contemporary art and illustration than Malika Favre. Paris raised, London based, Malika joins me for the 50th episode of Arrest All Mimics to discuss her inspiring journey so far.

Malika's distinct style, utilising beautiful colour palettes and digital techniques to their fullest, has been seen in The New Yorker, Penguin Books, Vogue, The BAFTAs among many other high profile clients. But as ever, Arrest All Mimics is built on insights and storytelling, pulling back the curtain to show that every person has a unique journey and set of life experiences that can be drawn upon to form an individual and striking creative identity.

Obsession, sexuality, openness and fantasy are just a few of the topics covered with a lady who continues to build a well-earned reputation as one of the best in the business!

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