Arrest All Mimics Podcast: Changing Disciplines

Angela Morris-Winmill joins Ben Tallon to discuss learning new skills and taking chances.

Written by Ben Tallon

Angela Morris-Winmill joins me to discuss her intriguing journey, switching from a successful career at the forefront of London high-street fashion, to working as an independent multi-disciplinary artist. Angela took bold steps in leaving the world of full-time employment to pursue her creative ambitions when the time was right. She talks about knowing when to make such a big change, the risks and challenges in doing so and how she went about making the leap. We also explore the idea that coming from a different background into the art world can be a huge advantage and how to recognise stand out skills learned in employment. Angela's fusion of fashion, sculpture, painting and drawing has brought about unique results with a sexuality and character and we dissect the eyeballs, torso and anatomy of her brilliant work!

Let us know if you'd like to switch from freelance to employment, vice versa or whether you have done so at @arrestallmimics on Twitter.


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