Podcast - Ben Tallon talks to illustrator Stephen Bliss

Arrest All Mimics Podcast: Stephen Bliss

Ben Tallon talks to illustrator and artist Stephen Bliss on his life before and after a move to America to take on a job with Rockstar Games.

Written by Ben Tallon

Nobody could have envisioned the explosion of controversy that was the Grand Theft Auto video game series. I meet Stephen in Brooklyn to talk about his journey pre-Rockstar, how it felt to be the man behind the cult video game artwork and his fascinating new direction since leaving the company.  New York City and it's wealth of ripped subway posters have provided the basis for his stunning new large scale originals and we talk about what it means to feed off the environment around you and why New York is so unique. Creating large scale street art is something new to Stephen and we talk about breaking away from screens and how he's successfully transitioned to work on buildings. Theses are fascinating insights from a man who continues to set trends and move forward fast. Get us your feedback on Twitter @arrestallmimics



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